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This web portal gives access to two different interconnected databases, arising from two distinct research projects: the BaDaCriM (Banca Dati della Critica Musicale Italiana 1900-1970 - Database of Italian Musical Criticism 1900-1970) project and the Permusica (Periodici musicali del Novecento 1900-1970 - Musical Periodicals of the '900s 1900-1970) project, deriving from the former.

The Projects

The BaDaCriM project, financed as a Research Project of National Interest for 2005-2007 and 2007-2009, is directed by Fiamma Nicolodi (2005-2007) and Luisa Zanoncelli (2007-2009) with the collaboration of Mila De Santis, and coordinated by Antonella Bartoloni, with additional researchers in Cagliari, Florence, Naples, Parma and Turin. Its purpose is to itemize and catalogue musicological articles from Italian periodicals, whether musical or of a broader cultural character, from approximately the first three quarters of the 20th century.

Permusica is a project directed by Fiamma Nicolodi with the collaboration of Antonella Bartoloni, concretely realizing a system of digitalization and integrated documentation management, which satisfies the exigencies of finding and accessing 20th century musical criticism published either in specialized journals or in literary magazines of broad cultural interest. The system combines simple database functions with indexing and full-text search engine using image-visualization tools.


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