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Musical Periodicals of the '900s 1900-1970

The Project

The Project concretely realizes a system of digitalization and integrated documentation management, which satisfies the exigencies of finding and accessing 20th century musical criticism published either in specialized journals (such as «Il pianoforte», 1920-1927 or «La Rassegna musicale», 1928-1950), or in literary magazines of broad cultural interest («Il Marzocco» 1896-1932, «Lacerba» 1913-1915 and others). The system combines simple database functions with indexing and full-text search engine using image-visualization tools.


Clicking on List of periodicals opens the list of magazines examined, for each of which a general presentation is provided. After login, clicking on Search in the database opens a search window permitting access to the files of interest by means of specific fields (periodical title; article titolo; author's surname, etc.), or through a keyword, or by the combination of several words to be searched. After the results of the search are obtained, one can read the original article by clicking on the icon corresponding to the digitalized article. One can read up to a maximum of 50 articles per day.


Director: Fiamma Nicolodi

Cooperation of: Antonella Bartoloni, Nicola Bianchi

English translation: Barbara Sachs

Data collectors:  Alessia Arces,  Luca Cerri, Tommaso Hagge

With the partecipation of:  Erika Baldi, Marta Poggesi, Alan Magnatta


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